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covid 19

Howdy, Everyone welcomes Bodyhealthtip where you care about your body and mind. As you all know our World is facing the big problem which was COVID-19, So this article helps you to aware of the whole scenario of what’s going in your country or in the World. This helps you to know about Coronavirus Symptoms Treatment, what precaution you have to take to Stay Protected at Home and COVID 19 Stats by WHO.

What is COVID 19| Where did he come from?

covid 19 is the Infectious Disease that comes from the recently discovered virus “CORONAVIRUS”. This new Disease and virus are Unknown before the Outbreak began in December 2019 the place called (WUHAN, CHINA). As you all know very Tense situation is going in the whole world. More than 18 lakhs people Infected by this Corona Virus and as you can see the chart the United States of America is on the top of the chart of Coron virus patients infected. When corona is in his initial stage Italy is more Infected from the US.

Worldwide Covid-19 Update

Total Cases
Death Cases
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What is CoronaVirus? | What are the Symptoms? of this coronavirus causes? COVID 19 Stats

Coronavirus is not a 1 virus corona is a large number of families of Viruses Which causes illness in Animals and Humans. The Coronavirus is an animal virus that transfers from animal to humans and it transforms itself into the Human virus and it spreads in the human body through Mouth and Nose and Attack on the Lungs.

Coronavirus symptoms treatment

In Humans, the major several coronaviruses are known to cause the Respiratory infections ranging from the common cough, cold and many more several diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The COVID-19 word discovered recently from the Coronavirus Diseases. The situation I going worst day by day in every country here is India’s COVID-19 data of Coronavirus patients.

?India Covid-19 Update


The Symptoms? of this corona virus causes? | Is there any Vacine? Corona virus Treatment

Different peoples tell a different problem like some young peoples to tell that they feel dizzy, headache and some Old men and women’s tells that they have High Blood-pressure and diabetes, more than 80% of COVID-19 patients are Experienced the serious regular cold and have a Breathing problem. As per the World Health Organisation(WHO) most common symptom of Coronavirus is:

  1. High Fever
  2. Tiredness
  3. Dry Cough
  4. Runny Nose
  5. nasal congestion
  6. diarrhea
covid 19 stats

There is no vaccine available at this time all the health hospitals, Doctors testing and researching for the Antipode. As per the doctor’s research, this Coronavirus symptom treatment will take at least 2 to 3 months available the vaccine at this huge amount, This coronavirus will Attack at the Lungs and stop the breathing. In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) has identified the specific symptoms of COVID-19 to look for as experiencing either:

  • The high temperature – you feel very hot to touch on your chest or back.
  • The continuous cough – this means you have started coughing repeatedly.
coronavirus symptoms treatment

What Doctor say or when should I call a doctor?

No, do not go to the doctor or any Hospital because if you have a doubt that you are infected but not sure so, maybe it is possible that if you go outside then it effects you. The Doctors suggested if you have a high temperature or a cough please stay at home and do the 7 Days Self Quarantine and if you live in the family so, they have to stay at home with gaping at least 14 days to stop spreading this Infection. This applies to everyone, regardless of whether they have traveled abroad or not. You don’t have to worried if you have a temperature or a cough keep calm and do the following steps that doctors suggest:

corona treatment
  1. Always wear the Quality N95 Mask or a surgery mask and hand Gloves while working or touching any object.
  2. Wash your hands 8 to 9 times a day or before eating food and after washing hands Sanitize them.
  3. If you have a fever, a high temperature, cough or anything else this is the symptoms of Coronavirus or maybe some other problem like Thypoihd, Malaria because all of this is the common symptom.
  4. If you have all of these symptoms first thing doesn’t meet anyone keeps distancing with your family.
  5. Take the normal fever medicine and stay home at least 7 days, The viral fever also takes 3 to 4 days to recover.
  6. If the Health still not recovering then you have to take the doctor’s appointment You should check with your local authorities for the latest advice on seeking medical assistance and go to the nearest lab to Test and wait for the Report it takes 2 days then you will confirm the actual position.

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